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Nike Mercurial SuperflyNike has redefined the Nike Mercurial Superfly x EA Sports soccer cleats space with its exceptional range of shoe collection. Nike is known to come up with a wide range of shoe collection under various categories. It has some high performance AG shoes, FG shoes and indoor shoes. The Nike Mercurial Superfly from the brand has got many excellent features that would enhance the winning options. The shoe collections from Nike brand tops in design and utility factors.

Black collection

Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016-2017 has garnered much attention and appreciation from all corners with its stunning range of excellent features. The cheap nike mercurial sueprfly shoe has got many advantageous features and this is a boot like shoe model from the famous Black history month collection of Nike. This is a special edition shoe from Nike that is quite popular for its design and look.

Top features

The nike mercurial sueprfly 2016 shoe tops in terms of technology and is known to have all the latest features and specifications. The Flyknit technology of the shoe comes with a single layer of material along with an upper woven covering. This is known to provide perfect grip and fit to the shoe. The sock liner mirrors the feet shape giving a comfortable experience.

The dynamic fit collar turns out to be the best replacement for shoe laces that are bulky. This feature is known to perform better than the lace type shoes. This specific feature starts from the area where the lace is supposed to be and goes above the ankle to become one with the feet. The sock like extension would give perfect grip to your feet and keeps it in the right position. This is known to help a great deal when it comes to speed and agility.

Attractive outlook

The best, attractive colours that would add up a great deal of style to those who get to wear them. This shoe from Nike Mercurial Superfly V collections looks just adorable. The outer surface is designed to offer the perfect level of friction when the ball gets in touch with the feet. It also enhances the dribbling capacity manifolds. The shoe has got everything that is required for delivering a stunning, amazing performance.

All conditions control

The shoe is designed to sustain all weather conditions and you do not have to worry about a hot day or wet day. The shoe works perfectly well under all climatic condition giving you all the comfort you want. The Nike Mercurial Superfly x EA Sports shoe offers perfect fit and is known to be highly durable. It would sustain heavy duty usage without getting worn out or damaged. The best thing about the shoe is that it scores both in utility as well as outlook.

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