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When you look at the game of soccer what do you see. We,re not talking about the way the game is played. We,re talking about the type of players out there on the field. When you watch a soccer game on television or in person you usually see an assortment of different players from around the world represented right. There seems to be a notion that the game is mostly geared towards those of latino decent or european players. This isn,t the case. There are plenty of African and African Americans who play the game, and play it well

So it only makes sense for Nike to create a shoe with black history month coming up in order to showcase this. The shoe is representative of the heavy African influence on the game at the highest levels. The Nike Magista Obra 2016 BHM Boots are set to be a very special pair of boots indeed, just as they were last year. Those who purchased them last year knew that they were going to be unique and nothing has changed this year. Along with a celebratory pair of boots, you,ll also be getting the best in features in order to make them value to you out on the field.

Here,s some of the basics you need to know about these .2016 Nike BHM shoes:

  • Nike Magista Obra 2016 BHM boots are made to be of a celebratory nature. This means a fun or festive look.
  • Blasie Matuidi has been selected to represent these boots once they get released. He,ll debute them on the 7th of February.
  • These are designed to be special boots. There,s a rainbow river along with a nice looking lattice covering. There,s a design that,s multi-colored going across the top of the Flyknit upper. This creates a pattern that looks very imaginative on a pair of boots that are some of the most comfortable out there.
  • Players are going to like these cheap magsita obra boots because they,ll draw attention. Others will want to know more about the representation behind them. This creates the perfect chance to focus on the need for total acceptance from within the culture.
  • These Nike Magista Obra boots are going to come out on February 12th, but will be shown off on the 7th.

Coming up with a pair of boots that celebrate Nike BHM is important to the game, because it,s important that every groups feels like it,s contribution to the game is noticed and respected. The game wouldn,t be what it is now without diversity across the board. So just as there are plenty of special edition soccer boots Nike makes for different times of the year, you have the Nike Magista Obra 2016 BHM Boots.

We believe the type of player that,s going to appreciate these would be one who doesn,t like to wear just anything out there. It,s the type of player who wants to send a message loud and clear. It,s the type of player that wants it to be known that they respect the cultural diversity of the game and how it makes it more competitive. This benefits everyone, because it makes them want to work extra hard in order to be the best they can be out there. Just as like last year, there,s only so many of these that are going to come out. So if you want to own a pair of Nike Magista Obra 2016 BHM - Black History Month Cleats, then you,ll need to move fast so you don,t miss out at kickaustralianew.com.au.

The design is special for sure and you can tell that time was taken to make sure there,s nothing plain about these. They chose a representative who they believe embodies all the needed character traits in order to represent the shoe well. One things for sure, with a pair of these on you,ll get attention. And even if you don,t want to wear them, then they might serve as something to have just as a nice collectors item.

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