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Wholesale Nike Mercurial Superfly V At Soccerkpnew -- The Fastest Boot In Soccer

One of the key features of the 2017 Nike Mercurial Superfly V is how all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible. A dynamic mid-cut collar secures foot to ankle, while the upper is a textured Flyknit material, with horizontal style speed ribs running across the upper for extra definition on the ball.

According to the Nike design team, the concept was simple; "merge science with design to build the fastest boot in soccer."The shape of the heel leaves the internal heel counter more exposed to the heel and that produced a definite hot spot through the first few wears.

The good thing is that as you wore them more and they opened up, that subsided and it hasn't been an issue since. As you wear them in a few training sessions before taking them into a game. Allow the boot to loosen and flex so that they evolve to your natural foot shape.

With the Superfly V at soccerkpnew store it is also a ping, but a softer more controlled ping. That might be slightly confusing to comprehend, but the thicker layer of ribs has a more solidified feel and that in turn creates a firmer region for connecting with the ball.

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