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It is not often that you get a behind the scenes look at how a signture boot is actually created. Well, as part of the Mercurial Superfly “Discovery” release, Nike has offered some pretty cool insight into the?creation process of Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest signature boot.

“Discovery” is handmade by master craftsmen in the only place worthy of producing such a significant CR boot, historic Montebelluna, Italy. Foot analysis, podograms and foot morphologies (to form a comprehensive vision of the end product) are all required as part of an intensely detailed and intricate production process. Two people are assigned specifically to innovation and their human touch in the process is crucial to the comfort of the end product.

In terms of the images, they include;

  • Above is the tech sheet used in?creating the boot, a guide for the designers.
  • Below is the actual mold used to fit Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal boot!
  • And below that are some additional images detailing the molding and craft process, where the upper and soleplate are strategically aligned and joined.

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