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Nike just launched the highly anticipated Nike Mercurial Superfly V soccer cleats at its Innovation Summit in New York City. Building on their successful predecessor, the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV, the all-new Nike Mercurial boots bring a number of new innovations to the table, all of which will be detailed in this article. And although the next-gen Nike Mercurial Superfly V football boots were unveiled on the big stage today, it will be some time until we'll see them on the green grass. They'll also be released in a bolder colorway, ready for Euro 2016 and Copa America, the two big international tournaments taking place this summer.


Nike unveiled the next-gen Nike Mercurial Superfly V cleats today.


"Our approach with the new Mercurial was to challenge all assumptions about speed, merging science with design to build the fastest boot in football," says Nike Football Design Lead Jeongwoo Lee. "We designed this boot holistically to ensure it was a true speed system, where all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible."

According to Lee, the first opportunity in the design process of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V was to better incorporate the shape of the foot "to create a true one-to-one fit." Thus, the sole plate of the New Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 was completely reworked. Replacing the previous carbon plate, the new sole plate is 40% lighter and was engineered as a single-layer chassis, contrary to previous multi-layer efforts. "The contoured plate provides a more natural fit, by allowing your foot to be nested within it" says Lee. "The physiotherapists we worked with believe this will reduce pressure-point irritations as well as unwanted movement inside the boot, thereby maximizing energy return during high-speed play."


Another important aspect in the development of the Mercurial Superfly V was the breaking system: "Having the confidence to stop on a dime is a critical component of speed," clarifies Lee. "If players don,t know for certain they can quickly come to a full stop as needed, they slow down as a precaution, just as you would when driving a car." The completely new sole plate alignment of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V cleats features studs which all have the same shape but positioned in different directions. straight on with the heel for braking, angled in the forefoot for propulsion. "We also have traction in what used to be an empty space in the forefoot, which will provide a noticeable difference to players," says Lee.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the face of the Nike Mercurial line, also had something to say on the all-new sole plate and traction of the Mercurial Superfly V.

"It,s like my attitude," Ronaldo declares. "I,m a straightforward and aggressive player. The stud shape reminds me of my character and performs very well on the pitch." The Flyknit upper of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots was also overhauled to include the so-called "speed rib" 3D texture, designed to provide improved friction between the shoe and the ball."Previously, the Mercurial had a uniform surface on the upper," says Lee. "We analyzed how speed-orientated players tend to dribble with the lateral side as they sprint, switching to the instep of the medial side for shooting, and adjusted the speed ribs accordingly." Are you happy with the direction Nike is taking with the all-new Mercurial Superfly V. Let us know in the comments below.

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