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rave enough to take these on The Nike Mercurial Superfly headlines the new Nike Lightning Storm Pack dressed from lace to stud in the most daring colourway to ever feature on a football pitch. Good luck to you, you must be good.

Pull them off with a hat-trick and you can end up looking like the best player on the pitch, screw it up however and you can end up with a big time reputation and a lifetime's supply of crippling self-loathing. A colourway that packs this much attitude is for the player that's confident in his own ability, the maverick, the opportunist and most likely that player with too much hair gel, an ear ring and an annoying habit of never passing the ball, there's one on every team, can't think of one on your team Then it's probably you.

To look at the Nike Mercurial Superfly FG White Red is beautiful with it's metallicy consistent finish, iridescent sole-plate and subtle black detailing, it's majestic but would you wear it That's a different question entirely. Nike know the type of player that would bag a pair of these and that represents their pool of Superfly players, full of attitude, fuel the critics with their arrogance but more often and not they're the match winners.

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